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Cybernics Standard I

Field Common
Course number 02CL001 Type Lecture
Suggested Year of Registration 1,2,3 Offered Even-number years
Term Number of Credits 2
Period Room
Office Hour
Outline Basic knowledge and skills in Cybernics that is a new domain of interdisciplinary research centered on cybernetics mechatronics and informatics and integrates neuroscience robotics systems engineering information technology “kansei” engin
Expected Level of Mastery
Course plan or Lecture plan Lecture plan?

1.Cybernics(basic technologies), Prof. Sankai

2.Human-automation coagency for collaborative control, Prof. Inagaki

3.Robotical Reconstructions of Human Nature and Their Problems, Assoc. Prof. Kimura

4.System Technology

(a) Actuator with Passive Adjustable Compliance, Assoc. Prof. Hasegawa

(b) Fuzzy Technology in Kansei Information Processing Prof. Onisawa

(c)Cloud Computing, Prof. Kato


(a) Neuroelectrophysiology and its clinical applications, Prof. Matsumura and Assist. Prof. Ayusawa

(b) Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences, Assoc. Prof. F. Tanaka

(c) Neural Computation, Prof. Morita

(d) Physiology of the Neuromuscular System, Prof. Ochiai and Assoc. Prof. Eguchi

Textbook The materials that will be used in the class are uploaded

to this program webpage about a week prior to each class.